To register your son to join Cub Scouts Pack 151, please submit the following to our Committee Chair or Membership Chair:

  1. A completed BSA Youth Application

  2. A completed Pack 151 New Scout Charter Form.

  3. For your new Cub Scout, you will need to purchase some uniform items. To skip going to the store, buying all the required components, make it easier and select a pack-purchased option. We'll help you out!

  4. A check, payable to "Pack 151", for dues and other costs.

  5. All our Cub Scout families use Please accept Pack 151's emailed invitation when it's sent to you.







Any kindergarten through fifth grade boy can join Cub Scouts Pack 151.


As new members of our pack, your son, his parents, grandparents, and other family members will receive a free model rocket kit. In addition, you're invited to join us for a Day Camp experience called Fall Blast Off. Our pack is planning to attend Saturday, October 3, from 8:30am - noon, but other dates are also available. 

  • FREE for all adults and new Scouts. Siblings cost is $10/each.

  • Lauch your new rocket (that you build at home)

  • Learn archery from trained instructors

  • Shooting sports

  • Games

  • Crafts

  • All in a local Boy Scout camp

The success of the pack depends on parent involvement. Your Cub Scout's success in our program requires your participation. There will be some adventures that can only be accomplished at home, with your help. For younger ranks, like Lion and Tiger, Adult Partner (parent/guardian) participation is required. As your son gets older (Wolf, Bear and Webelos) the required adult-to-scout ratio ratio decreases.  A trusted adult, grandparent, etc. can serve in place of a parent/guardian too. Your family, including siblings, are always welcome at our pack meetings, optional pack outings and optional pack activities.

Parents who are interested in a higher level of involvement are always needed, of course. Your volunteering to perform simple tasks or stepping up to become a trained leader will benefit your own scout and our pack.

Scouting is a commitment for boys and their families. It need not be, however, an overwhelming commitment because we have so many good people pitching in to help. Please make every effort to help with your required activities, then look around and see if you can find something extra that you’d really like to be involved in.


Please email us at for more info.

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