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Whether You Are New To Pack 147 OR Returning!

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Pack 147 Code Of Conduct

An annually-updated set of rules and regulations for the Pack. These includes beharvoial expections of scout, leaders, and parents. The code of conduct must be signed prior to a scout particpating in ANY scout activity each year.

Pack 147 Bylaws

An annually-updated set of rules and regulations for the Pack. Describes leader roles and parent committee information. Also discusses great information about Pack 147's program and structure. 

Pack 147 Parent Orientation Guide

This guide lays out pack sturcture, fee's, and expectations. It should answer most question you may have as a new scout parent. Talks about Scouting 101 for new scout families. Everything from contact information to what a scout council does. Its a good read!

2018 Pack 147 Pinewood Derby Rules 

Pack 147 Pinewood Derby Rules and Regulations. Rules adopted from Mohegan Council

Cub Scout NOVA Workbook

This workbook is what you will need to keep track of your NOVA activity through cub scouts and room for notes to discuss with your NOVA counselor. 

Cubanapolis 500 Rules and Reg's

See examples on how to build your cardboard car. Rules for race day are listed as well.

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