Popcorn Fun-Raiser

How To Sell Popcorn!

Tips and Tricks From a Top Seller

Why DO We Sell?

Popcorn sales are the pack's main source of income for the year.  These funds cover activities such as the Pinewood Derby, Awards, Outings and more.  Strong participation in the popcorn sales will help the pack cover the costs of the program. This is the most significant financial contribution your scout can make to Help The Pack Go!  The Pack Committee sets a goal for each year's selling season based on the previous year's budget and our projected growth for the following year. Our popcorn goal for 2017 is $10,000 in total sales.

Selling popcorn is also a good opportunity for your scout to practice their communication skills and manners.

There are also great incentives to reward your scout for selling popcorn.  From gift cards to camping equipment, there's something to motivate everyone!  Explaining these incentives to your scout will encourage him to set a goal.  Committing to and achieving a goal is one of life's greatest lessons!

The pack also offers local incentives including camp cash and a Museum of Science sleepover.  Please see the list below!!! 

When and How?



August 26th through October 30th


This year we'll be doing more Show-n-Sells to help promote the pack and allow those uncomfortable with door to door sales help make the pack go! We will again use PayPal Here for electronic payment processing.  Would-be customers can no longer get away with the "Sorry, I don't have cash on me" excuse.  Our PayPal Here account is controlled by the pack committee and we currently have three card readers for our events.

This year we ordered $10,000 worth of popcorn and we have will have plenty of time slots/locations in which we can sell it.  In order to sell it we need parents and scouts to volunteer to fill those slots. 

In addition to selling popcorn, we can also accept donations to buy popcorn for our troops and to assist the pack in our community service goals.  Scouts have come back with more money in donations than they popcorn sales during some of our Show-n-Sells.

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Take Orders / Show-n-Deliver

August 26th through October 30th

During this phase you and your scout can go door-to-door in your neighborhood(s).  The scout is encouraged to present the popcorn products and fill out an order form or contact your Popcorn Kernel and grab some product and take it with you to sell. This year each participating scout will be issued 19 units of popcorn. Even though our goal is for each scout to sell $350 worth of popcorn, we are trying to focus more on the unit sold vs dollars.

Order forms will be distributed during a den meeting and completed forms are due at the end of the sales season. Popcorn will be available for pick-up and distribution approximately 3 weeks later.


Check the Pack Calendar for the official dates.

Online Sales

August 28th through October 30th

Anywhere!  Scouts can send friends and families to Pecatonica River Popcorn's website for online sales.  You will receive the needed information about your online sales id from the popcorn kernel.


Other resources

For more selling ideas, visit Pecatonica River Popcorn's website.  They have receipts, popcorn flavor and nutritional information.

In addition to the council incentives, Pack 147 has additional incentives for the Cub Scouts that sell at least $300 in popcorn. To see the list of incentives click on the popcorn icon below to download the flyer.

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