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Another Pack put together a great video for good sales technique when going door to door for popcorn. Do take the time to watch...It's worth it!

Our Cub Scout pack has in recent years been very successful at selling popcorn to raise funds for our program. Here are some essential elements for popcorn Kernels that have helped our pack succeed in a big way. Popcorn Selling Tips for Scouts

ALWAYS wear your uniform

ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself

ALWAYS tell your customers why you are selling popcorn

KNOW the different kinds of popcorn you are selling

ALWAYS say "Thank You"

ALWAYS make a copy of your order form

ALWAYS have a clean order form with a pen

BE SURE to get customer email addresses to send them a "Thank You" email after the sale, reminding them they can re-order online.

Safety Tips

NEVER enter anyone's home

NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult

DON'T carry large amounts of cash with you

ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway

ALWAYS sell with another scout or with an adult

Scout Script

Hi, my name is ___________, and I am a Cub Scout with Pack 147. I'm selling popcorn to raise money for the things I like to do in Scouting. The popcorn is delicious and there are many different kinds to choose from. Will you please help support my adventure in Cub Scouts? (Always say "Thank You" when you are done) Good luck and have fun... Yours in Scouting,

Mr. Carmine

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