Pack 147 Cub-a-napolis 500

Looking forward to our first in awhile Cubanapolis... Should be a fun time... I emailed out the rules and suggestions for constructing the cardboard cars.


Each Cub needs a cardboard box that is big enough for him to stand up inside and carry. It can have an open top, or cut-out holes for arms and head. Cars should ideally be between 24”and 36” long, about 12” high and between 12” and 18” wide, but there are no strict rules for car size, so make it as big or small as you like as long as your scout can wear it.

The Cub will decorate the box to look like a race car (or a space ship, garbage truck, or any vehicle he wants, see below for examples).

Construction paper, paint, tape, aluminum foil and markers are all great things to have on hand to spur creativity. Colored paper plates make great wheels. Be sure no dangerous materials (such as glass or metal) are used.


  • No metal or glass materials may be used

  • No items can be hanging or dragging behind a car

  • For safety reasons, cars should not have a windshield made out of anything but cardboard

The car decorating can be done at home or as a den activity.

Keep in mind that the cars will likely end up damaged (if not completely destroyed) by the time the race is over.

Each scout must have a pit crew consisting of 1 or 2 family members or friends (adults or youth, but not other Pack 147 scouts unless they are siblings). Pit crews are encouraged to wear a "Team shirt" and show your team pride!

Things To Bring On Race Day:

Show your race team spirit by wearing a team shirt! You can decorate them up however you would like!

Blanket for the ground, picnic style!

Camp chairs


Goggles or Sunglasses

A cheering section!

There will not be any trophies awarded, but boy’s will win a certificate for something.

The winner will get “Fastest Car” but others will get awards such as:

  • Best Time For

  • Coolest Goggles

  • Wackiest Socks

  • Best Paint Job

  • Most Creative Design

  • Best Car Team Theme

  • Best Scout & Team Spirit Award


Sunday, September 25th 2016

Race starts at 3:00 PM

Please arrive at 2:30 at the latest

Pizza will be served after the race is completed

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