Pinewood Derby 2017- Important

Good Afternoon,

Hope you are getting excited about this years upcoming Pinewood Derby. Please visit for the Official Pinewood Derby Rules at the bottom of the page.

This year’s Pinewood Derby will be held on Saturday, January 28. The race will take place at the Oak Hill Church in Oxford. Doors will open at 11:30 am and the festivies will be at noon.

Registration and weigh-in for all cars will take place at the Oak Hill Church on Friday evening January 27 from 6:30-8 PM.

Please be early to avoid disappointment! Don’t be surprised if your car needs adjustment, or more or less weight. Don’t 'weight' until the last minute, or you may miss the deadline!

Bring tools with you for those inevitable adjustments. We will have a 'pit stop' available, with some tools, guidance, hints, etc., but just in case, you’ll still want to bring supplies with you.

All cars must be pre-registered and left with the Derby Chairman Friday. No cars will be accepted the day of the race!!!

Scouts should have already received their cars via the pack meeting. Extra cars may be purchased for $4 by contacting Jamie Nieber. Send an email to

All design awards are selected by all the participating scouts except the 'Pit Chief Choice'

We will have silent judges scanning the crowd for Scouts exhibiting exceptional sportsmanship and Scout-like behavior.

Nothing will be awarded to Scouts unless they are in full Class A uniforms and “looking and acting like scouts.”

All scouts must be in Class-A uniforms for this event.

There will be 7 divisions racing: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, Non-Scouts, and Parent/Leaders.

First place winners will be awarded trophies in each of the 5 scout’s divisions.

First, Second, and Third place trophies will be awarded for overall pack winners.

Trophies will be awarded for the following categories:

- Fastest Looking Car

- Best Patriotic theme

- Best Cartoon theme

- Best Scouting theme

- Pit Chief Choice

Special note: The judges will be advised to take notice of workmanship which is beyond what may be expected of the age group, and adjust their awards accordingly. We recognize that the Pinewood Derby is a fun and exciting event for parents and cubs alike! We absolutely encourage moms and dads to work with and help the scout create their vehicle, but just remember it’s not about how great a car you can make, it’s about the fun and creativity we can all share with our kids. Be sure to keep them involved and working with you hand in hand through completion. If you want to have some fun of your own, and create that masterful showpiece, we always have and enjoy the non-scout modified division.

Come along and join us for what always turns out to be a fun-filled day of Cub and family enjoyment!!!

Thank You,

The Pinewood Derby Committee

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